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Changes between nb150d and nb150e (August 27, 2016)

Added Documentation on our Experiments with Virtual Reality


Changes between nb150 and nb150d (August 23, 2016)

Bugfixes and performance improvements


Changes between nb149 and nb150 (July 26, 2016)

Note: This is a component release. The new Companion is version 2.38 available directly from MIT App Inventor or via the Google Play Store. However if you do not use the Scrollable Horizontal and Vertical arrangements, you can continue to use the old Companion (version 2.37). If you have a Companion older than version 2.37, you will be prompted to auto-update your Companion.

Migrate to FusionTables version 2
Google has deprecated FusionTables version 1. It will stop working on November 1, 2016. This update changes the FusionTablesControl component to make use of the version 2 API. No changes to programs are required. However packaged apps built with version nb149 or earlier will stop working in November. Repackage apps with this version to use version 2. If you distributed your Fusion Tables using applications, either directly or through the Google Play Store, you need to distribute a new version built with this version.

Added Scrollable Horizontal and Vertical Arrangements
We added two new Arrangements to provide scrolling versions of Horizontal and Vertical arrangements.

Update Alignment Dropdowns in the Designer
Today we have dropdowns in the Designer for selecting alignment values. However in the blocks you have to use numbers to represent the different kinds of alignment. This change places those numbers in the dropdown items as a convenience and reminder of those values.

Add Comments to Block Save Images
Fix a bug that causes images of blocks to not include any comments.

Rewrite Extensions packaging scripts
This change makes it a little easier for extension authors to build extensions.

Support upgrading of extension components
You can now load a new version of an extension, provided it has the same package name, over a previous version. Any incompatible block changes between the old and new version will result in the blocks being marked “bad”. The MIT App Inventor programmer then has to do some cleanup, but this is way better then having to delete the old component, which removes all associated blocks.

Bugfixes to the MIT App Inventor Gallery
Update to ListView
SelectionIndex() will now return the correct value even when a filter is applied to the ListView.

Update to ActivityStarter
ActivityStarter will now generate an error if no intent “Action” is provided.

We now signal an error on Divide by Zero
If you attempt to divide a number by zero we will generate an error. This error can be caught by the MIT App Inventor Programmer using the Screen.ErrorOccurred event. If it is not caught a Notification is briefly displayed.



Update to Firebase: Add New Blocks:
AppendValue: Takes a “tag” and a “value.” If tag points to a list, it will append the value onto the end of the list. If two devices attempt this at the same time, both will be added (instead of one being lost).
RemoveFirst: This function instructs Firebase to remove the first element of the list pointed to by “tag”. It is returned in the new Event “FirstRemoved.”
GetTagList: Useful when debugging. It gets a list of the known tags in your application. The list itself is returned as an argument to the “TagList” Event.
ClearTag: This function takes a “tag” as argument and removes it from the Firebase system. It is analogous to TinyDB’s ClearTag function.
Persist: New Designer only property. When set to “true” Firebase will keep track of changes when there is no internet connection, even when the App exists. Upon next invocation, if there is an Internet connection variable changes will be uploaded.
Firebase remains an experimental feature.

App Inventor Extensions
This is the first public release of MIT App Inventor that supports “extension” components written by users in Java. Extensions are built using the App Inventor sources and are packaged into “.aix” files. “.aix” files can then be added to projects to add functionality.


Currently only non-visible components may be added. Apps with extensions loaded may not be uploaded to the App Inventor Gallery

New Components
New BluetoothLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Component: This component is actually our first official release of an MIT App Inventor supported extension. It is available for download from the following site. MIT App Inventor Extensions.

This extension supports a new protocol similar to classic Bluetooth except that it is designed to consume less power while maintaining comparable functionality. For this reason, Bluetooth LE is the preferred choice of communication with IoT (Internet of Things) devices that have limited power resources. We are currently in the process of creating a new page on our website that will provide documention, tutorials and other materials to help use and understand the new possibilities that this new component. A draft of this page can be found here: BluetoothLE Documentation and Resources

New Pedometer Component: This component uses the accelerometer to determine the number of steps taken while walking with a device.

Components to support LEGO Mindstorms® EV3 Robots
The system is now based on Android SDK 5.1.1: However we still support devices back to Android 2.2 (though not all features of App Inventor will work with all versions of Android)
Listview Update: Font size scales properly in “Responsive” mode.
Labels can now contain a limited subset of HTML as well as text. Check the “HTMLFormat” designer property to enable this feature.
Bugfixes and Documentation fixes



Bugfix to CheckBox handling
Removal of temporary transition code to smooth the deployment of nb148



No user visible changes. This release restructures some of the internal functions of MIT App Inventor to facilitate future improvements.



Bugfix to Checkbox resizing. Make sure floating point values work



Fix to a bug which prevented very old Companions from auto-updating



Gallery Fixes: retry failed searches and return more consistent results
Fix checkbox resizing in the Designer
Fix the “tooltips” on the COS and TAN math blocks
Updated Italian Translation
Updated Swedish Translation



Documentation updates
Minor fix to Designer Color Dropdown, if there is not enough room to show all colors below the control, the list of colors will show up above.



NOTE: This is a component release which will have a new Companion to take advantage of new features. The older Companion should still function, but not everything will work correctly.

UI Improvements:
Welcome to App Inventor 2 Dialog will no longer prevent the “Start Project” button from working.
Additional validation of new project names to ensure they are valid names.
Fix an issue where the project “Start” button can be pushed multiple times before a new project is created (this can happen on a slow network) which results confusion.
Various features that open a documentation page from the system will now open in a fully functional new window or tab instead of a pop-up.
The Backpack icon has been updated to better show when it contains blocks or is empty
Add a new Menu Item to the Help Menu to facilitate downloading andinstalling the latest companion.
“ScalePictureToFit” property on an image will scale it both on the device and in the UI Designer
Clock Component Update: Additional functions for computing timeintervals and otherwise manipulating dates and times.
Documentation Updates
Updates the Portuguese (Brazilian) Translation
Gallery Improvements: Better search results
Add the new “Firebase” Component:
This is an experimental prototype release of the Firebase component. Feel free to use it for personal apps, but be aware that the component is under active development, and may change in a way that could make your apps stop working.

The Firebase component provides a mechanism similar toTinyWebDB. However it is hosted using a Firebase database (firebase.com) and supports updates to variables from different copies of an application, when multiple copies of an application are running on different devices which are connected to the network. When one device updates a variable the other will get a “DataChanged” event with the new value. This permits a form of “cloud variable.”

The use of Firebase normally requires an account at firebase.com, but by default an account sponsored by MIT is configured (via “branding” commits which are not public) for the MIT sponsored service.

Note: The Emulator that we distribute does not support the Firebase Component at this time.

Camera Component: The UseFront property was removed, it no longer functions on newer versions of Android. Projects that set it in the Designer will receive a warning the first time they are loaded into the system and the property will be removed. Any blocks that reference it will be disabled and marked “bad” (they will have a red border and will need to be discarded).
Location Component: Do not fire the “LocationChanged” event if the location is invalid.
The GyroscopeSensor component was added.
The “HideKeyboard” function was added the the “Screen” component. It is still present in the TextBox component as well.


Portuguese (Brazilian) Translation
Minor documentation changes



Security bugfixes – Make sure a person can only “Like” an App Once
Server Performance improvements
Server fix to make sure older projects can load
Other Minor bugfixes
Minor documentation fixes



Fixes to the Russian Translation
New document on how to use Images in App Inventor



Gallery Update: Adds “Tutorial” category. Changes how a user’s profile is laid out: List of Apps now shows more than 5 apps and appears below the profile information instead of to the right of it.
Updates to the Korean Translation
Addition of the Swedish Translation
Bugfixes. In particular errors during initial form load of the Companion (which happens when you make changes in the designer) no longer “crash” the Companion.



Korean Translation



Right clicking the Backpack brings up a menu with option to see short help message.
Minor updates to French and Russian translations.



Blocks Copy and Paste feature (called “BackPack”) documentation is located at http://ai2.appinventor.mit.edu/reference/other/backpack.html
Improvements in how spaces and other characters are handled in Component Names. This is important for some non-English languages.
You can now download a png image of your blocks by right-clicking on the blocks editor background (it’s a new item added to the right-click menu).
Added Background Color and Image to HorizontalArrangement and VerticalArrangement Layouts.
You can now connect or disconnect a BlueTooth keyboard when an App Inventor App is running
Bugfixes and performance improvements.


Renamed collapsed blocks now appear correctly
Add additional features to the Canvas component for the use of Extension Writers
Font Sizes are now reported correctly
Another update to the French translation
Improvements to “Fixed” mode to handle device rotation better.
Fixed bug that caused improper sizing on some devices when the soft keyboard was displayed









App InventorがChrome 46で動作しない問題の修正



重要なバグ修正:ディスプレイの画面密度が1.0のデバイスでパッケージ型アプリ(及び Companion)が強制終了する問題の修正
Companion version 2.31の搭載が必須



Web Componentが適切なアクセス権を保有することを保証。
(※注意:このリリースは更新版のCompanion (version 2.29)を含むが、特に問題が発生していないか、エラーレポート機能を使いたくなければCompanion (version 2.29)へ更新する必要はない。)
(※注意:Google Playで配信中。auto-updateを有効にしていれば自動的に受信できる。)






Responsive App Inventor: MIT App Inventorに、複数の画面密度と画面サイズへの対応を追加。これは重大な変更である。使い方の詳細は、Responsive Design in App Inventorを参照。
「My Projects View」から「Export all Projects」をすることが可能に。ActivityStarterに「Extras」プロパティを追加。これにより、App Inventorアプリケーションから他のアプリケーションの起動がより柔軟に。
Playerコンポーネントへの軽微なバグ修正。Playerに音声入力が無くてもon exitでアプリが強制終了することはなくなる。
「Instant」をDate Piker及びTme Pickerと一緒に使用可能に。
File Componentにファイルを書き出した後に起動される「AfterFileSaved」イベントを追加。
Camera コンポーネントの更新:新たに追加した画像をスキャンしてデバイスの既定のメディアコンテンツプロバイダーに取り込む。 scanFileToAddメソッドの追加で既定のメディアコンテンツプロバイダー(Gallery, Google Photosなど)で新たに追加した画像の表示が可能に。
ContactPickerにContactUri と ViewContact とを追加。
Android Version 1.5 (Cupcake) はサポート終了。1.6 (Donut)が必須。



最新のChromeで不正な形式の吹き出しコメント(と「Do it」の結果)を修正。









Splash Screenを再表示する項目をヘルプメニューに追加
App Inventor Designer UIへの軽微なバグ修正
Google’s App Engineの変更に合わせてバックエンドを変更



When a component is renamed in the designer, any related collapsed blocks will be properly renamed now.
"Activity Starter"コンポーネントに“Activity Canceled” のブロック追加
Clock Component now permits you to format a date or time arbitrarily. You provide a “format string”
You can now have both a Background Image and a Background Color and the “right thing” happens


起動時のSplash Screenを閉じる機能を追加(「再表示しない」チェックボックス)



・MIT App Inventor Gallery でのアプリの人気度を、ダウンロード回数に代わり「いいね」回数で表示。



・GWT アップデート関連のバグを修正
・Gallery UI の軽微な改善
・Gallery アプリでイメージと概要を新たに要件として追加
・プロジェクト一覧ページの UI アップデート。プロジェクト表示をGallery での公開/非公開ステータスで並べ替え可能
・App Inventor での Genymotion エミュレーターの使用方法ドキュメントを追加



MIT App Inventor Gallery を有効化
軽微な UI 修正
軽微なドキュメント アップデート
Google Web Toolkit (GWT) バージョン 2.5.1 をバージョン 2.7 にアップデート



Safari ブラウザーでの Type ブロックを表示する。



Fusion Table からレポートされるエラーを改善。
Fusion Table での「DoQuery」メソッドを廃止。2012年から使用停止。ブロック描画での使用は不可となり、「DoQuery」メソッドブロックを含むプロジェクトでは、読み込み時にブロックが無効化され、非推奨 (現在使用されていない) ブロックであることを赤の罫線で表示。
スライダー・コンポーネントに「Thumb 有効化」プロパティを追加。これによりスライダーを「プログレス・バー」として利用可能。
実行時エラーのレポートを改善 (失敗した関数の引数を見分け易い角括弧内で表示)。
進捗ダイアログ メソッドを通知コンポーネントに追加。
EmailPickers と PasswordText ボックスにキーボード フォーカスを新たに要件として追加。
TextToSpeech コンポーネントにプロパティを追加し、対応言語と国リストを実行時に取得。
App Inventor にイタリア語翻訳を追加。言語メニューを「ボール」アイコンから現在の使用言語名を下向きキャレットと共に表示。
有理数は常に少数で表示。変更前は分数表示 (例: 2/17 は 0.11764 で表示)。
ソースからビルドした App Inventor で使用されているビルド システムの改善



バグ修正: コンポーネント名が変更された際にプロジェクトの破損を引き起こすバグの修正。



Google Docs にコメント追加向けにドキュメントを追加。
ドキュメント ページでのログイン要件を排除。


  • SensorにProximitySensorコンポーネントが追加されました
  • アプリ名がプロジェクト名と別に設定出来るようになりました(日本語可)
  • 略語で表示してあったブロックの一部の表示が修正されました


  • 翻訳機能の強化(中国語/スペイン語)
  • タブレットのサポート(これに伴いAndroid1.6未満はサポート外に)
  • twitter機能のアップデート(Twitpicを介さずに直接画像を投稿)
  • 画面のスクロールはデフォルトでオフに
  • アプリごとの認証が可能に
  • 3つ以上まとめてコンポーネントと削除しようとすると確認ダイアログが表示されるように


2014/7/xx User InterfaceからSensorにClockコンポーネントが移動しました





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